Why Vico Bagoes Are Important For Ketofastosis Dieters?

Why Vico Bagoes Are Important For Ketofastosis Dieters?

This article discusses why VCO, Virgin Coconut Oil is necessary for ketofastosis dieters?

Like a war, Vico is a weapon for ketoers or ketowarrior. Especially for beginners or early actors. If the beginner KF (ketofastosis) without a VCO, can be likened to the army wants to war but do not carry weapons. Do not imagine how it feels …

Why should the beginning of doing KetoFastosis be the consumption of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)?

How important is the role of Vico to be consumed until every 3 hours?

VCO is needed because it contains MCT (medium fat chain) which is able to change the body into energy (ATP) to become fuel needed without insulin.

This process will encourage the body to produce ketone because the body starts to adapt not using glucose as an energy source. The sooner the ketone appears, the sooner we save the brain as glucose in the body gets depleted because it does not consume carbohydrates.

In addition to the brain, ketones will also be used by muscle cells as a source of energy, because the blood glucose levels are minimal. The body will automatically gradually sufficient production of the required ketone from body fat.

Of course, there is a waiting period where the body will adapt in making this ketone. VCO is a substitute for energy that has been obtained from carbohydrates converted into sugar.When we follow the fastosis guidelines, eating fast between 8 pm and 12 noon, the body can gain energy from Vico. Use a VCO 6x a day even during fasting hours so that the body is not busy looking for new glucose to fuel and break down the muscle to make new glucose formation because ketones will replace the role of glucose as the body’s fuel.

VCO makes the formation of ketones in the liver rapidly occur, and there is no need for many processes of Gluconeogenesis from the “cannibalization” of muscle mass in the Transition Period. After adaptation is reached, and the body has started to change the fat from “Body Fat” (body fat) or from fat foods of type LCT = Long Chain Triglyceride.Enjoy ketofastosis = ketogenic + fastosis with Vico Bagoes!

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