What you need to remember while buying virgin cocnut oil

What you need to remember while buying virgin cocnut oil

1. WhatYou NeedTo Remember While Buying Virgin Coconut Oil

2. What is virgin coconut oil?

Virgin coconut oil has some important differences from ordinary coconut oil. These differences mainly depends in the source (to be more specific, the physical form of the source), the extraction method and its subsequent benefits.

Virgin coconut oil is rapidly gaining in popularity in comparison to ordinary coconut oil, and it is for some really good reason.

3. What is special about the oil?

•Since virgin coconut oil is not subjected to heat (even if it is, it is subjected to very low heat), sunlight, and being extracted from fresh coconuts with a another process of extraction, virgin coconut oil is certainly richer in benefits than ordinary coconut oil.

•Virgin coconut oil is higher in vitamin content, antioxidants, which is negligible or almost nil in regular coconut oil. It has minerals, medium chain fatty acids, fragrance, taste and protein.

The shelf life of virgin coconut oil is long, much longer than any other edible oil and its variant, the Refined Bleached Deodorized coconut oil.

•Also, it does not go rancid quickly.

Due to the presence of high amounts of LauricandCapricacid, the use of Virgin Coconut Oil in the treatment of AIDS is also being explored.

4. Uses of virgin coconut oil

1.Goodfor skin: The oil forms a protective antibacterial layer which protects the infected body part if you apply it regularly. Also, coconut oil speeds up the healing process of bruises. 2. 2.Reducesheart disease: You can reduces the risk of heart diseases by consuming virgin coconut oil regularly.

3. 3. Helps with weight loss: Virgin coconut oil helps to lose weight. 4. 4.Speedsrecovery: Virgin coconut oil can speed your recovery if you drink it in a regular basis. 5. 5. Lowers cholesterol: It is rich in lauric acid which helps to lower cholesterol.

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6. What you need to remember while buying virgin coconut oil?

Virgin coconut oil is produced from only those nuts which produce the highest quality coconut oil. The farmers are paid a higher price because of the extremely selective procedure.

Almost all the virgin coconut oils are mass produced and usually, the manufacturers don’t pay that kind of attention while choosing the right coconuts. Depending on how the oil is extracted, the flavor of the oil varies from mild to intense. In general, the more heat the oil is exposed to, the stronger is the flavour of the oil. A raw, unrefined virgin coconut oil has a very mild scent.

7. Important factors

1.Container: Another really important fact to remember is the container. Virgin coconut oil remains intact when kept in a glass container. Like plastic, glass does not transfer taste in the oil and the ingredients remains intact in the container. The oil which are sold in normal plastic bottles are mass produced and of lower quality

2.Oil extraction: Expeller-pressed or cold-pressed does not mean raw. You can have a clear picture about this with the description below.

3.Expeller-pressed: Most oil companies claim that they sell cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

But the process matters a lot. Most of the companies heat the coconut to get the maximum oil possible. But it should not be heated over a certain limit. 4.Cold-pressed: Avoid such kind of oil. The procedure damage the essential nutrients like fatty acid and medium chain fatty acid.

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